Griffin Camacho

November 17, 2015

Performing for President George W. Bush's Christimas Party with Stampede A cappella Group

George W. Bush Presidential Library

My Pitch To You

    Music is a very strong passion of mine and has been almost my entire life. I began singing when I was 3 years old in Sunday school and have been singing ever since. I also play the piano and the violin. But the joy of singing that occurs in my soul cannot be explained in words. The beauty of music intrigues my heart, there being a calmness about music, yet it speaks so loudly to each individual in a different way. 

     When I wait backstage for a performance, I usually am pacing up and down the room, thinking about every possible thing that I can think of. Right before I go onstage, I am so nervous, but when I feel that light shining on me, and I look out into the audience, I know that I am home. 

    There is a special type of safety when I perform on stage, which may seem weird because you are at the mercy of the audience. But when I am onstage, I just release every part of me and pour out my entire soul into my performance. Then, by the end of it, I want to do it again.

     I want to use my voice as a means to offer the Arts to underpriviliged children who may not otherwise have the opporunity to sing or learn to play an instrument. I want to also be able to start a nonprofict organization to provide instruments for children who will not be able to afford them otherwise.

November 30, 2015

Stampede A cappella Group Performance at SMU Celebration of Lights

Dallas Hall

Southern Methodist University

Stampede wins the SMU Parent Weekend Talent Show for the second year in a row